Sunday, November 18, 2007

It was never about Barry; more about war and racism

Dave Zirin got me thinking:

Tomorrow (Friday) I will be demonstrating in front of Mukasey's Department of Justice along with thousands of my closest friends. We will march because they refuse to indict people for hanging nooses, or see the rape and torture of Megan Williams as a hate crime, or do anything to change the perception that justice means 'just-us.' But my vocal chords might be a little more raw than usual at days end. The idea that they have no time for Megan Williams, but invest years in the prosecution of Barry Bonds should make any good person of conscience utterly enraged.

Who's Megan Williams, you ask? Oh, just the 20yo black girl who got kidnapped, beat, raped, and tortured by 8 white West Virginia rednecks a couple of months ago - all while calling her the typical racial epithets. Think Deliverance, but multiply the evil by 100.

The Justus Department isn't pressing hate crimes charges because racism is not something we want to admit exists.

Yet, the Justus Department spends four years and millions of dollars, at least, trying to catch one Barry Bonds - black man.

There are nooses going up all over the country, but the Justus department is too busy prosecuting a black man to worry about them.

It's getting so you have to march on Washington to get anything done these days, and even then it's just a prayer.

It's a distraction. It's almost anything you want it to be, but it ain't about Barry. that's the figure - $6 million to get Barry.

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