Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kick ass Cartman might say.

I'm kind of excited about WordPress 2.5.

...tried it out actually, it looks like I did not try it out - my upgrade was basically some half-assed upgrade. upon installing from scratch, i got a bunch more new features. guess the 'upgrade plugin' won't get you there.

...ok - we're back on track. fresh install = new features! yes, the multi-file uploader works well. very very cool. that's a big step towards making wordpress a more complete content management system. as originally stated, the admin interface still needs to be ajaxified - ideally, completely, but all in all, a goodish release.

it's ok. it's just sorely lacking in a couple of departments:
1) need AJAXified everything. i'm used to using 37signals stuff lately, so everything is a lot quicker - i'm a lot more productive when i'm working in 37signals stuff.
2) the media upload area is hurting. no progress meter. and there should be a separate place to manage all of your uploaded media - someplace outside the context of actually writing new content. not sure how easy it is to find a flash-based progress meter, but i'll check it out.

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