Monday, March 31, 2008

U.S.=Killers; Canada=Baby Seal Killers

I've posted on the topic of the Canadian baby seal hunt before, but it's worth another look - I guess it's that time of year again.

There's no doubt that the U.S. government is the worst purveyor of violence in the world - and much of that violence is directed at civilians - slaughtering humans like sheep.

But Canada has its own little thing going on. Even America can't be chastised for slaughtering baby seals, like Canada can.

I was reminded of this the other day when I must've made some kind of 'clubbing baby seals' remark to a friend. I was like, 'no - really - they actually do that in real life in Canada'. Shown some video from PeTA, they became believers. I think most people think it's just a figure of speech - I used to think that.

Part of the shift just needs to happen in our thinking - awareness of this stuff. So, when I think of Canada, I still think 'less brutal existence than in America', but I need to also think of this seal hunt nightmare.

Can't say I've really emailed or called anyone this year, but will do something and update here.

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...ok, i signed this petition. i think a phone call might be the next best option. phone calls suck for those receiving them for a number of reason - #1, they're so intrusive, and interrupting - so they're a good way to get your point across - it shows that you care enough to call. and if that's true, you might be willing to do other things.


S!t@k3 Luv3r said...

they dont deserve to die! They're cute and fluffy, its wrong to 'hunt' poor baby seals.

Anonymous said...

"But Canada has its own little thing going on. Even America can't be chastised for slaughtering baby seals, like Canada can."

Millions of Cows, and live stock are killed every year. Animals are hunted with guns by people who they can not even see. You think clubbing seals is any worse then a cow sitting in a hold having a metal bit go through its head?

"no - really - they actually do that in real life in Canada"

Real life in Canada you make it seem like we all do that. That's just as ignorant as calling all Americans fat but even less true. There is probably less then a thousand people who hunt seals in the Canadian north out of 30 million people. Please do not make yourself seem ignorant.

Ericb said...

Please, before you write about these kinds of things, do your research first.

The seal hunt is a legitimate process that has its own laws and restraints, has been deemed by veterinary experts to be humane, and has existed as part of Inuit culture for thousands of years.

I have to ask you, and anyone who criticizes the seal hunt, do you eat meat? If you don't, you have a tiny shred more of my respect then you would have otherwise, because at least you're standing by what you say. Even if you are vegetarian (which I was for quite a few years; now I eat free-range local meat) you have no right to come down on a cultural tradition and a legitimate hunting season.

"In Real Life"... Hah. Please, don't tell me what real life is like in Canada. For the few Canadians who do participate in the Seal Hunt, it is a matter of survival and no one who lives outside of the harsh Canadian arctic can criticize.

It may not be attractive, but it is regulated, humane, and honestly I think it is a beautiful part of Inuit culture, as they would not have been able to survive without the seal hunt.

Another thought- Don't put all your faith in one source (i.e. PETA). Too many people will believe one single information source without doing any research. Being concerned with animal rights and having been vegetarian for a number of years, I still say that PETA is propaganda.

Have fun in your nice cozy electrically heated house,

Eric from the Great White North.

p.s. I have never hunted a seal, but I have friends who have.

Anonymous said...

Its strange how people can get all worked up over killing an animal.Sure you could put up pictures of baby seals and a good amount of people will go "Why is gods name are they doing that!?".If you put a adult seal thats ugly on the internet and use the same topic theres a good chance more than 80% of people will call it a waste of time. So in other words leave the canadians do what they want,killing seals is no different from killing a cow or pig,etc.

Anonymous said...

Ericb HELLO FUCKER, :) Hunt a seal? Ya go to hell, PLEASE When i go and hunt seal killers, im gunna bring a axe and chop them into bits, before they kill a seal. Hahaha hunny, you better hope you dont get sewed. Cuz i have sewed 5 seal killers, Haha ya. i did.

sumarga said...

killing of innocent babies seal is a great sinful work. It must be avoided otherwise the sinner will be Dangerously punished

DejeeE. said...

They don't deserve to put in CANADA CAN ,they deserve to be in their own habitat living with their parents. SEAL HUNT must be avoided with many people.I hope these comments can be read by several people to avoid them from eating baby seals.They are countless in this world.You want to eat it for your own good??? You rather eat vegetables than baby seals!!! You are the ones whose making yourself ignorant you are defending this habit without any reason . How calm you're not ashamed of yourself telling that hunting baby seals are good. YOU ARE STANDING WITH YOUR OWN REASON!!!remember that!!!

grizzly94 said...


Anonymous said...

How can anyone justify killing the seals? It is nothing like eating cow because at least they aren't bashed to death!

Anonymous said...

But hunting seals is great fun. I take out all my anger on them. It's fun to see them squeal.

Anonymous said...

they are just babies it's not the same as adults and i don't support killing animals, i think they should be allowed to be treated without cruelty, people who keep using the " but you eat meat" crap, this does not justify humanity's wrongdoings no matter who eats what.

Anonymous said...

that is just plan wrong.

Anonymous said...

That is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

that is just plan wrong

Ger said...

Cows live in a pen for their entire life only to have a pneumatic bolt shot into their skull. Baby seals grow up to deplete fish stocks to near disasterous levels. Think of it like this, if you were a farmer and you let rabbits breed freely what issues would you have? Sure seals are cute, but their natural predators are few and far between, and left unchecked entire industries would crumble as well as the villages they support.

Anonymous said...

@Ericb: You make some excellent comments that show you do see the broader picture, and I appreciate that.

I am vegetarian, and I largely agree with what you're saying: factory farms in the United States are just as bad, if not far worse, than baby seal hunts, and the people who are ignoring this problem in their own culture are missing the point.

I would only disagree with you on one account: cultural traditions should not be immune to criticism. Just because doing something is tradition doesn't make it right, and we have no obligation to respect a cultural tradition that isn't based in sound moral judgment.

Animals are moral patients that deserve our consideration because they are capable of suffering just as we are. I think it's fine that people eat meat; most of the people I live with and talk with do. My boyfriend does. As long as people treat animals with respect and give them a good life up until the end, not a life of immense suffering, then eating meat can be perfectly justifiable.

@Ger: Seals are not responsible for overfishing, humans are: look here.


Anonymous said...

I guarantee all of you on your moral high ground have never ate baby seal. If you ever do you will club one on a daily basis. Baby seals taste great. On another note they make very comfortable slippers too.

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