Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Work Less, Do More Party

I thought of something while commenting on the 37 Signals blog about a shorter work week - the Work Less Party is real, but it has a marketing problem:

Work Less == Lazy

So, I propose a name change:

The Work Less, Do More Party

People will kind of get it, but will want an explanation just to make sure - and that's fine, and even good, because it will pique their interest. And it immediately casts off the 'laziness' connotation.

Of course, by 'work less, do more' we mean:

Do less industrial, for-profit, soul and community and environment-destroying work, and instead do something useful like help your kids with their homework, go visit your elderly parents more often, babysit for your friends, organize a weekly community gathering to hammer out better and safer transportation options for yourself and your family and friends and community.


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