Friday, March 21, 2008

Twittering invented before blogging

This article shows why techcrunch is no cnet. burrrrrn.

ok - who cares.

so, if you read the cnet article you stumble upon the finger protocol - which I actually used back in the day, on DEC workstations, son! and i remember updating my .plan - i thought it was the coolest thing. and i remember google-stalking people and computers using finger - though, google-stalking back in the early days wasn't much fun - you might find out what some other engineering dork on some other workstation typed into his .plan.

but, if updating your .plan was a very quick and lightweight way of letting folks know where you were and what you were up to, then that's not early blogging - that's early twittering.

therefore, i invented twittering, and now i get to act self-important with the rest of the web2.0 crowd.


this also means that Zuckerberg stole my 'finger' idea, and just modified it to 'poke'.

where's a t-shirt when you need one?

...Twitter in Plain English.

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