Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Moss staying with Pats, so Favre retires

I'm just calling it like I see it.

Moss decides to stay with the Pats. Favre retires.


I think not. We wrote about how Favre wanted to play with Moss so they could try to win a championship.

I do believe Packers management displayed a good bit of racism in this entire situation - similar to how any group of rich old white dudes treat any disobedient black dude. Favre, for his part, looked good - he never bought into the racist remarks that we'd see everywhere - from ESPN to the most popular corporate papers and websites - the framing was always that of 'the angry lazy black man' - it never had anything to do with the incompetent players and management and ownership surrounding Moss.

That the Packers org was too racist, and possibly cheap, to get Moss is tought to swallow for lots of Favre and Packers fans.

That said - did Favre have his best year ever last year? What was different? Was he on The Clear? Just asking.

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