Friday, November 26, 2004

Come Down to DC

Saw this band Army of Me the other night at the Black Cat. Good. Almost very good. Their lead singer has a Jim Morrison-like stage presence, and the rest of the band was solid, too. I go to a live show to be entertained - go to it. Good stuff.

The band just returned to DC after being on the road for six months. The lead guitarist's parents drove down from Connecticut - cool.

That I went to the Black Cat testifies to the power of putting at least some of your music online. I read through a bunch of descriptions of bands playing in other parts of the DC Metro that night, but I was able to find the website of Army of Me quickly and was able to get a taste of their music. I dropped $8 admission and am now a fan - maybe even a big fan. I've already introduced them to at least one other person. Woe unto him who dost not heed the power of the Internet!

Army of Me played one song called Come Down to DC - they said it was their first love song. You gotta figure a lot of bands' success in the mainstream, if they don't fit into certain categories like rap/metal/etc., will hinge on their ability to produce at least one good love song. Well, this one is good. Very good, even. It hits that whole 'bus-to-Chinatown' thing which is an all-too-common part of life for lots of young, long-distance lovers' lives. That the song just happens to mention DC makes it that much better. Army of Me is based out of DC.

Fake Ugly, and These Hands are also good songs.

The band before them was The High Strung, and they were pretty good, too. Definitely talented, and I like that they played some stuff that was really...different. Creativity - good. One of their singers/guitarists looked exactly like Bob Saget (sorry, dude). Kind of distracting, but I got over it.

Speaking of the infamous Mr. Saget, this site is pretty damn funny. This one, too.

I missed the opening band, Bicycle Thieves - sorry y'all.

Not much of a music buff, but it's nice to take a gamble on some bands and get a good result. All for $8. And the cost of a beer, or two, or...

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