Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Party of Dishonesty and Corruption

TPM points us to some words of criticism from Rep John Dingell (D-MI) on the Shay's Rebellion debacle:

These folks talk about values and decency, but then think it’s okay to change the rules once it appears one of their own may have broken them. This amounts to a work release program for the ethically challenged. We should all remember that a decade ago, Mr. DeLay helped to create this rule. Republicans said at the time they were the party of reform and good government. Now they’ve become the party of moribund hubris.

He started off well, but then goes on finish his quote with calling the GOP 'the party of moribund hubris'. That sounds clever, but nobody knows what it means, and even if GOP supporters knew, they wouldn't care - they like being arrogant. We need something that turns off GOP voters. The first part of Dingell's statement did that in spades.

Now, if the rest of the Dems joined the little echo chamber screaming things like 'total lack of decency', we might be able to whip something up here.

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