Friday, November 19, 2004

Florida e-voting fraud?

A Daily Kos poster is saying that Florida's e-voting tally does not add up. The poster, markusd, has done some research on top of that provided by the UC Berkeley folks. The Berkeley folks think Bush got up to 260,000 free votes in Florida - not necessarily enough to swing the election, but still, more than I'm comfortable with.

I sent this letter to

Was hoping you could look into the coming Florida e-voting debacle...

UC Berkeley study:

From the Wired article:

Electronic voting machines in Florida may have awarded George W. Bush up to 260,000 more votes than he should have received, according to statistical analysis conducted by University of California, Berkeley graduate students and a professor, who released a study on Thursday.

The researchers likened their report to a beeping smoke alarm and called on Florida officials to examine the data and the voting systems in counties that used touch-screen voting machines to provide an explanation for the anomalies. The researchers examined the same numbers and variables in Ohio, but found no discrepancies there.

WIRED article:,2645,65757,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

COMPUTERWORLD article:,10801,97614,00.html

You never know. We challenge here, we challenge there, and maybe we'll get a fair election in 2008? Anything is possible...

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