Friday, November 19, 2004

Iran and Operation Ajax

Atrios brings up the Iran topic. Great. I knew Bush wanted to end the world, I mean, bring about Rapture, but I thought he was gonna give us one year without the war-mongering. I mean, George, one fucking year is all I'm asking here, buddy. Jeez.

I decided to plop in a little snarky comment:

What would our history be with Iran if the USA hadn't overthrown Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister in 1953?

Kinda makes one wonder how different the world would be if the U.S. just stayed the fuck out of everyone else's country and just kept to herself for a little while...

The link you see in the quoted text above is to a New York Times special feature on the US-authored coup. Wikipedia provides a great page (of course) on 'Operation Ajax', the name given to the covert coup operation.

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