Sunday, November 21, 2004

Intelligence Bill Failed, Bush 'disappointeed'

Saw this headline on the e-Post tonight: 'Conservatives Reject Intelligence Compromise'. I know that the President is not all-powerful, but c'mon - you gotta be kidding me here. Am I supposed to believe that the all-important intelligence overhaul bill did not get passed in an all-Republican congress? I must have 'asshole' stamped on my forehead or something.

I fired off a quicky to the writers of the article, Charles Babington and Walter Pincus:

Subject: a blow to President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Speaker J. Dennis Hastert ?

You guys are kidding me, right? Seriously.

C'mon fellas - it's time to sift through the b.s. for the proles out there. We're losing our democracy while you guys are up there all comfy, just earning your paychecks. I know you're only allowed to say so much, but c'mon - this mess is garbage. We can't run a democracy when y'all are just acting like mouthpieces for the government.

You gave Bush his 8 years, and probably Republican rule for the next 40 years. Don't you think it's time to do some real work?

p.s. I also left a loooooooooong voice message at one of Istook's 4 offices, regarding this debacle. Creeping. Totalitarian. State. Get your fucking ACLU card now, and learn about your civil liberties, bitch.

You were probably born in America - so consider yourself lucky. Now it's time to earn the moniker 'American'. Next time you get held up overseas, you say 'I'm American, bitch!', but you probably haven't earned it yet, so earn that shit.

Like Capt. John Miller says in his final minutes of Saving Private Ryan, 'Earn this!'. He was telling Private Ryan to live a full life because people had made real sacrifices for his scrawny ass. So now it's your turn. Hundreds of thousands have died in the name of the freedom that you now take for granted.

Fuck those stupid 'support the troops' ribbons - they're a propaganda device used by the Rethugs to distract you from the task at hand - defending our democracy. The Rethugs talk a lot about supporting the troops, but they don't give a fuck about them. War and imperialism, by their very nature, threaten our liberties and our democracy. It's time to take a stand. Get edumacated. The time to rise up may be here sooner than you ever thought possible. Don't be afraid. We are the majority. They can't hold us down. Get ready. It's on!

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