Wednesday, August 03, 2005


San Francisco Half Marathon. Half way to the promised land. Half way to... something.

The marathon, I guess, is the new, cool 30-35 years-old mid-life crisis task. Turn 30 - must run marathon. Add it to the list of other 30+ tasks that must be accomplished: buy house/condo, get serious about retirement, get life, etc.

But is there really any accomplishment in doing a marathon anymore? It seems there are just so many ways to get it done - it seems like it's so easy. It seems like anyone can do it - big, small, short, tall - whatever. Run, walk, run, done. Pacers. Training groups. 'Run for the cause'. Whatever. It's all so ... scientific. No more magic. 26.2 is just not that far anymore - all the kids are doing it.

The ultra-endurance runners are going 160 miles, so what's just 26.2? Got me. An excuse to drink a few beers? Sure...why not...

p.s. Note to self - don't kick the San Francisco bar owner's aaaaaaaaaaass on the pool table if you want to continue the atmosphere of good vibes. Also, if this does occur, be sure to return as often as possible to said San Francisco bar and drink heartily while expressing your desire to offer a rematch to the ego-laden bar owner 'soon'. When? 'Soon'.

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