Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Winter Soldier

New, old indie flick:

"It introduces us to Rusty Sachs, a handsome, curly-haired former Marine helicopter pilot, who recalls with an ironic smirk how his superiors instructed him not to 'count prisoners when you're loading them on the aircraft - count them when you're unloading them,' because, he says flatly, 'the numbers may not jibe.' He describes contests to see 'how far they could throw the bound bodies out of the airplane.'

And it introduces us to the gentle-sounding, Jesus-like Scott Camil, a former Marine scout and forward artillery observer, who in a whispery voice relates his personal journey from rah-rah patriot to trained killer to medal-winner to self-preservationist Angel of Death. 'If I had to go into a village and kill 150 people just to make sure there was no one there to kill me when we walked out, that's what I did,' he says."

Movie home page here.

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