Thursday, August 04, 2005

Vista Cops Getting Jiggy on Hispanics

So, crooked cops in Vista, CA - just north of San Diego - murder three Hispanic men in a Thursday-to-Monday stretch. None of them were armed.

Yes - you actually did hear that correctly - none of them were armed.

And, two of them were fleeing. Yes - as in, running the fuck away from the poh-poh. Leaving the scene. Away from the police officers - every second representing less and less of a threat to the police giving chase.

And one of the killer cops has killed before - in May.

And here's a fun part:

When the deputy stopped behind the Jeep, the two men took off running. The deputy gave chase, and when one of the men reached into his clothes, the deputy shot him.

The old 'he reached for something inside his jacket that looked like a piece' routine. Never heard that one before.

Myself - I've always been curious how a guy booking his ass off, pumping his arms faster than a steroids-gripped Ben Johnson, can reach 'into his clothes' for anything at all - much less a gun, which would, presumably require the booker to grab it with great care to prevent him from shooting himself. Guess this particular guy was pretty good with the whole booking-eye-hand-soft-touch thing. The San Diego Chargers could have used someone with such soft hands, but now the guy is dead - murdered by Vista PD.

And I like how the cops use the very ambiguous phrase 'into his clothes'. Now, once you understand that the booker did no such thing, you'll start to understand why the cops claimed he did - because they can, and because it gets the cop off murder charges - automatically bringing them down to a negligent homicide or manslaughter or battery or some other bullshit, non-murder charge. The cop claims he was scared, the PBA puts a bunch of lying cops on the stand to back up the cop version of events (remember, the dead dude is going to have a tough time testifying), and the cop walks. Very typical.

The cop who murdered this guy never saw the guy reach - of course not - that's just standard cop phraseology to use whenever you murder someone. And why not? It works - well. But the reason they used the 'into his clothes' phrase is because the cop didn't know how to flesh out his fairy tail. Should I tell them he reached into his jeans? Or his jacket pocket? Oh, wait - he didn't have on a jacket pocket. Or, did he? Not wanting to change his story too many times, the killer cop is advised by his lawyer, who then advises Vista PD, to say that the fleeing man reached 'into his clothes'. Just use that, the lawyer tells Vista PD, until we figure out what we're going to say actually happened.

Of course, being able to reach into one's 'clothes', and presumably grab a gun - that person would then, presumably, have to point the gun in the general direction behind him - where the gun would then represent an actual danger to the officer giving chase. But our brave officer took the initiative - being the real go-getter that he is - and buried this dude outright - vigilante style - judge/jury/executioner.

Here's a question - what did the dead dude's buddy do when he saw his buddy murdered by Vista PD? Did he:

  1. ) Shit his 'clothes' and continue running?, or
  2. ) Shit his 'clothes' and stop running, trusting that Vista PD had only accidently busted a cap in his boy's ass?, or
  3. ) Shit his 'clothes' and stop running, knowing that he, too, would be murdered for sure if he kept running, but stood a slightly less than 100% chance of being murdered if he did, in fact, stop running?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Here's another fun part, from one of the other Hispanic dudes who was murdered by Vista's filthiest:

The man fled, and while climbing a fence on Newport Drive reached for a bulge on his hip. A deputy shot him.

Interesting. The dude reached for a bulge on his hip, huh? What was found in that bulge? Nothing? Maybe there was nothing there in the first place? Of course there was nothing there in the first place. Non-cops don't carry guns on their hips - they carry them in their front pockets, or in their sweatshirt's front pocket, maybe their back pocket - but never, ever on their hip - in a holster, or otherwise. It's just nonsense. So, this murdering cop will undoubtedly find the missing details of his story soon - first to his lawyer, then to internal affairs. Everything is going to come together real nice for this killer.

And the dude running away from the cop managed to reach for the bulge on his hip while climbing a fence. Let me repeat that last part - climbing a fence. I don't even think Spiderman could climb a fence with one hand, much less some dude without a full-body, multi-colored, fashion-sensible sticky-suit. This dude never reached for his hip - he was murdered in plain daylight by Vista PD. Sometimes things are just as they appear.

These cops are gangster murderers - no doubt. They should all rot in jail for a long, long time.

p.s. Trying to find out who the 'Escondido Human Rights Committee' is, referred-to in the above article...

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