Thursday, April 22, 2004

Another Iraq Veteran Comes Home and Kills

If you aren't ready yet, then get ready for a continuing stream of this kind of stuff. I'd suggest reading a few anti-war books about what intense combat can do to your head.

I'm not at all surprised that this guy - or any other soldier returning from Iraq - could flip out. I imagine that a GI returning from a 1-year deployment in Iraq, having experienced mostly mid-level-intensity combat, would need at least 3 years to come down to a 'safe' level. That's three years of tapered 're-integration' with society. That must be a nightmare trying to come 'home'. Just the notion that 'home' is that place you left before your war experiences...ridiculous.

I hope someone does a documentary on what the scene is actually like in Iraq. I can hardly imagine how awful and brutal and disgusting some of the scenes would be. Maybe there already exists good documentaries of such conflicts...will research...