Thursday, April 29, 2004

Filmfest DC (2004)

Looks like there are some really cool films showing at this year's Filmfest. Too bad I just realized it was going on - almost over. Updates when I've seen something!


Saw Ana y los otros (Ana and the others). Purty good. Ana goes off to live in the big bad city only to return to the hick town where she grew up. When asked how long she's visiting for, she'll only commit to 'a few days.' She does a lot of deep contemplating about what she really wants from life, and a lot of thinking about her former boyfriend. Was the big city everything it was supposed to be? The end of the movie is a bit freaky - which I liked. Unpredictability has to be one of the best aspects of indie-flick culture.

I imagine that this 'coming home' ceremony is played out by countless individuals all over the globe. In the US, many kids go out of town for college and return home. They're either glad to be back in the safety of their hometown of they're frightened by how small and unimaginative a place it is. Being able to watch someone else go through the experience is interesting.

The scenery - what is apparently Argentina - is cool.