Friday, April 09, 2004

Rice May Know Russian History, But Not American History

One thing from Condi that sounded a little off (bold mine):

The really difficult thing for all of us, and I'm sure for those who came before us as well as for those of us who are here, is that the structural and systematic changes that needed to be made -- not on July 5th or not on June 25th or not on January 1st -- those structures and those changes needed to be made a long time ago so that the country was in fact hardened against the kind of threat that we faced on September 11.

The problem was that for a country that had not been attacked on its territory in a major way in almost 200 years, there were a lot of structural impediments to those kinds of attacks.

Here are some dates to consider:

Current Year: 2004
200 Years Ago: 1804
63 Years Ago: 1941

UPDATE: I forgot to include Oklahoma City (6 years before 9/11/01). Condi is either incredibly incompetent, or a liar - or both.