Monday, April 26, 2004

Yet More Hatemongering To Address

Atrios tells us about yet another racist Boston DJ. Man, where do they find these people? I wrote to most of the advertisers - those that has an email address:

Sender:Peter Smith
Subject:Complaint: Swift punishment of Severin requested...,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It is not appropriate to make fun of killing people - be they Americans or not. The hateful rhetoric that Mr. Severin choose to espouse ('kill all Muslims') will only further divide our country, thus weakening our country's ability to achieve our foreign policy goals.

Mr. Severin should be severely reprimanded for his hateful rhetoric, if not fired outright. I have contacted all of your advertisers to express my outrage. Mr. Severin's comments are neither enlightened nor patriotic. Advertisers would rightly consider it their patriotic duty to employ only the services of radio stations which do not engage in hate speech.

Thank you.