Monday, April 19, 2004

Georgia Passes Laws Limiting Protests

OK folks, this is scary.

Organizers of protests like Randall's "G-8 Carnival" must put up refundable deposits equal to the city's estimated cost for clean up and police protection. Demonstrations may only last 2 hours, 30 minutes. Signs and banners may not be carried on sticks that might be brandished as weapons. And the signs may not be larger than 2-by-3 feet.

This is an outrage. But more than that - this is scary. Welcome to the police state, my friends. We have to do something. Join the ACLU if you haven't done so already. Contact the Brunswick, GA government. Contact the other cooperating governments.

And if you're not sure why all those 'crazy tree-hugging kids' keep going beserko every time the WTO has a summit meeting - it's time to get yourself edumacated. I used to think that the protesters were just a bunch of psychos - and then I read The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. This is probably the most important book of the last ten years. Read it. It'll help you gain a serious mistrust of your government and all its agencies - one of which is the WTO.