Friday, April 30, 2004

Drudge On C-SPAN

I've said it before - he's definitely a gangster - hard-core right winger, but he is so incredibly right about a lot of things.

This segment is an entire hour and it's very revealing. Drudge is very much a libertarian on some very important issues - which means he wants the government out of his business. Wow. Good stuff.

After watching this clip you might get an idea about how extreme lefties can still read The Drudge Report. He's totally irreverent to all the people that one is not supposed to be irreverent towards. He's got this massive underdog persona thing - identifies with the underdog, etc. This really baffles me, because if you root for the underdog then you should be rooting for the Democrats, for the underprivileged, etc. - not the uber-rich Republicans who run all three branches of government, most major media outlets, etc.