Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act

The O'Franken Factor Blog has a link to the website of Congressman Rush Holt (NJ, D-12th), who has introduced H.R. 2239 to the House. Please drop a quick email to your representative and let him/her know that a paper trail is important!

My representative to the Congress is Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton:

Hello Ms. Norton,

Please support The Voter Confidence And Increased Accessibility Act of 2003.

Over the past few months I have become aware of the significant vulnerabilities of computerized voting systems with regards to hacking, voting system 'bugs', systems failures, and the general lack of accountability being provided by the proponents of computerized voting. There is mounting evidence that computerized voting systems are not yet secure and are not yet ready for 'prime time' on several different levels ( Companies such as Diebold should not be trusted with my vote as they have proven their lack of commitment to secure voting and their ability and willingness to cover-up their systems' flaws. Other voting systems have not yet been tested sufficiently.

The 2000 elections debacle had nations around the world calling on America to begin using UN voting oversight. Aside from calling into the question the legitimacy of our government, this was a major international embarrassment for the country. Now that America has taken up the role of 'spreading democracy across the globe', I should hope that we will also take up the role of demonstrating a functional democracy on the homeland - one that can only exist by demonstrating fair, open, and accountable elections. This issue of verified voting *should* be bipartisan as every member of Congress should be interested in making sure their constituents votes are counted accurately - regardless of their party affiliation.

There may be no more important bill this year.

Thank you.