Saturday, May 15, 2004

Bay to Breakers

The largest road running race in America (~75k people), The Bay to Breakers, is about to go down in San Francisco. I've done the Peachtree Road Race when it had about 55,000 people, and that was a a lot of people. The B2B also seems to have a lot of cool/funky things going for it. It's one of the oldest races in the world, it seems - almost 100 years old now. It's got its nude runners contingent. It's got a costume contest. It's got this 'centipede' concept where a bunch of runners get together to try to form the largest centipede for prizes. That has got to be a fun race.

I knew I'd heard of it before, but I found out about it this year because the Run Against Bush people are organizing a centipede. Cool!

Shout out to the Sallie Mae folks for their 10k this Sunday in DC. May I forever be indebted to them. [I will.]

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