Friday, May 21, 2004

Retroactive Classification?

Yes, it is kind of bizarre, but this is the Bush Administration, after all. Sibel Edmonds, of course, is the former FBI translater who told Congress and the world of Israeli spies inside the FBI - Israeli spies who prevented the FBI and other U.S. intelligence units from preventing 9/11. I know it sounds unbelievable, but if so, you'd have to ask yourself why the U.S. government would go about classifying testimony that is already in the public domain.

T.A.O.T.P. also drafted a quick e-note to Chuck Grassley - Republican Senator of Iowa - who is critical of this retro-classification shenanigans.

Your take on the retroactive classification of Sibel Edmonds' testimony is partly correct. It is, indeed, a coverup by the FBI to cover its own tracks - and the tracks of the Mossad agents (or FBI agents) who are working for the Israeli government inside the FBI. That the translation of intelligence information was actively suppressed by operatives inside the FBI is well-known and documented - even though the FBI has attempted to quash the story with secrecy at every turn. If Israel is shown to have played an active role in 9/11, Bush's entire house of cards would fall through.

Read the following article for more information. Feel free to email me if you need support to investigate the Israeli connection to 9/11, including the Israeli spies inside the FBI who prevented U.S. authorities from foiling the 9/11 plot.

Thank you.

We've pointed out this article to you before, but you just have to read it for yourself.

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