Sunday, May 16, 2004

Response to Senator John McCain

McCain and the Israeli-Republican recently co-authored an editorial in the WaPost titled 'What Must Come Next'. I thought it severely misguided, so felt compelled to respond:

Re: 'What Must Come Next'

Washington Post Editorial
Sunday, May 16, 2004; Page B07

Senator McCain,

I totally disagree with you and your co-author from across the pond. Our ultimate objective is not a secure and stable Iraq; our ultimate objective is a secure and stable United States of America. The United States has ceded the moral high groun, and this has greatly weakended us in a very real sense. I challenge you to find a historian who disagrees. We have already given Osama bin Laden and terrorist networks 'moral clarity' for the next one hundred years - should we make it that long.

Begin correcting the mistakes of the Bush Administration by leaving Iraq immediately. U.S. private enterprise will find a way to financially colonize Iraq even without U.S. military bases there. Do not invite further antagonism from radicalized Muslim factions by leaving U.S. forces in the Middle East. Other than being the right thing to do for U.S. security, it is also the right thing to do morally. Begin repairing the tremendous damage the torture scandal has brought by trying *all* of those who are responsible. You've seen the evidence. It doesn't take a genius. Move to have Rumsfeld gonged, immediately. Move to have all responsible generals, including General Sanchez, tried, or at least reprimanded. I would argue that there is NO GREATER STABILIZING FORCE in the world today than that of the impression the rest of the world has for the 'inherent goodness' of the United States of America. If the U.S. pulls out of Iraq immediately, we we recapture most if not all - and possibly *even more* - of the stature we surrendered by torturing prisoners on multiple continents.

Do your job and reign in this out-of-control Administration! Get some moral clarity and stop the torture of prisoners by U.S. authorities and their 'third-country' counterparts! The people of the WORLD are looking to you, Senator McCain, for leadership, because those who hold the important titles right now are severely lacking in ability and moral clarity.



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