Sunday, May 16, 2004


Godzilla Saw Godzilla, the original, this weekend. Totally dope. Some of the old-school effects were funny, but very cool. I had no idea it was a political movie! Apparently when they did the first American version they totally stripped out all the 'message' and turned it into a straight monster flick. What is so cool is that the message was about the inherentdangers of WMD, due to man's weakness. Timely, and an important lesson anytime.

The Washington Post covers the new Godzilla flick with several articles, but the one which explains the political message is here.

P.S. Saw this flick at the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The center has all sorts of cool activities going on - and it seems like there might even be a free event of some sort or another every weekday evening at 6:00 pm! That's pretty dope. There is nothing on the Kennedy website about the little theatre where the flick was shown, which is disappointing, but the American Film Institute has this page.

The AFI apparently operates in DC, Silver Spring - Maryland (a burb of DC), Los Angeles, and Orlando. Seems like they do funky 'partnerships' with different theatres in DC to get their flicks shown. The AFI theatre in Silver Spring, though, is totally dope. They have at least one old-school theatre that can seat 500+ people I'm guessing. They show mostly indy flicks, and you can get there on the Metro.

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