Monday, May 24, 2004

Rafah Outrage

The recent Israeli seige of Rafah is making me think this whole thing really is about ethnic cleansing - a la Holocaust, albeit on a much smaller scale - so far.

People are rightly condemning Israel for its monsterish tactics. One of the Knesset's ministers, Yosef 'Tomy' Lapid,
was harshly critical of Sharon and his policies in an article published in Haaretz.
I decided to write a quick email to Mr. Lapid, encouraging him to continue to speak out, and to let him know
that I was doing my best to get the word out about Israel's involvement in 9/11 - some would call it a
'veiled threat' - I'd call it 'wishful thinking on my part' - but regardless, I feel better having written. The
links at the bottom of the email are kind of ugly, I know, but they serve their essential purposes - if he wants
additional info, he can easily find it in those links.

Sender:Peter Smith
Subject:Rafah outrage...
Minister Lapid,

Just a quick note to tell you that I appreciate your recent remarks against the destruction of civilian homes in Rafah. The most militarily-powerful nation on earth has teamed with the Israeli government and given Sharon free reign. As with the soldiers of Abu Ghraib, we know what happens when frustrated people are left to their own devices - the most base and dastardly of human instincts flourish - kill, humiliate, dominate. Please continue to call on the people of Israel to find their humanity, and end the murderous seige on Rafah, and to finally end the Occupation. Of course, I offer these critical comments and encouragement with full knowledge of my own government's treachery.

As a resident of Washington, DC, I often jog by the Holocaust Museum. I haven't brought myself to be able to go inside yet because I think I would just be overwhelmed. Samantha Power, Harvard Professor and author of 'A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide', recently spoke at the Museum. Ms. Power is a powerful voice against ignorance. The ignorance that led to the Holocaust has also led to Israel's disastrous occupation of Palestinian lands, and daily diminishes the moral standing of the state of Israel and all that she is supposed to stand for. Will the Holocaust Museum here in DC become just one side of the story? In 100 years, will the people of the United States of America begin construction of a new museum - this time to hold onto the collective memory of the millions of Palestinians who endured the brutal Israeli occupation? To remember the thousands of Palestinian civilians - men, women, and children - who were killed and maimed while living under the Occupation? Will we create an addition for the current Holocaust Museum to commemorate the lost lives of Israeli civilians - men, women, and children - who were killed and maimed by Palestinian terrorists? This is policy madness. For what?

On the issue of Israel's ties to the U.S., it seems more Mossad agents were just caught down in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Lapid, what are they trying to distract us from this time? When America finally learns of Mossad's activities leading up to the terror attacks of 9/11, there will be little goodwill left for Israel - regardless of the importance of the Jewish lobby in electoral politics. That Israel can act with relative impunity at this particular moment in time - just months before a U.S. presidential election - should not make Israel overconfident. President Bush's 'war on terror' charade is coming to a close. U.S. foreign policy will become less insane, and our policy towards Israel will receive a newly-critical reading. Israel had better start garnering support from nations other than the U.S. if it hopes to flourish in a rapidly-changing world. That support will come from civilized nations only when Israel's policy towards the Palestinian people becomes civilized.

Thank you.


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