Saturday, May 08, 2004


So, you've heard about the white laywer from Oregon, Brandon Mayfield, who got picked up by Ashcroft in connection with the Madrid bombings. At first I thought huh? But now I'm thinking railroad. A plastic bag that once contained explosives had a single fingerprint on it that sorta matches this white Muslim convert from a temple we hate in the Northwest U.S. where a bunch of other dark-skinned Muslims are already in trouble for doing al-Qaeda-type things? I dunno, take a look and decide for yourself.

Sounds more like an intimidation tactic, or retribution to me. Retribution for being Muslim...retribution for giving up Ashcroft's religion for Islam. Retribution for defending a Muslim in a U.S. court. Retribution for defending all Muslims' civil liberties rights. He hated the Patriot Act. No doubt he hates John Ashcroft like the rest of us thinking people.

You white? You a lawyer? You considering speaking out about the Patriot Act? You best think again - we'll Gitmo your ass!

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