Monday, May 10, 2004

War Influence Seen Everwhere

Cruising around the Net the other day, I read a blog comment that suggested how strongly militarism is ingrained in our culture, especially our sports culture. For instance, American football has 'the bomb', soccer has the 'counterattack', etc. I would't think our culture would be much different than any other in that respect, but still interesting.

Looking at the homepage for today (below), I was reminded of these war-culture sentiments. Everyone who's been listening even a little bit knows about 'exit strategies' and The Powell Doctrine.

What I like about this cover is how crucial this 'exit decision' was for the Boston Red Sox. We can draw a parallel between the ex-Manager of the Sox, Grady Little, and our embattled SecDef, Donald Rumsfeld. Should Little have pulled Pedro Martinez? Should Rumsfeld pull the troops? But really, the true parallel is not whether or not Rumsfeld pulls the troops out (he wouldn't make that decision himself, anyways), it is whether or not 'Manager' Bush will leave in his starting pitcher, Rumsfeld, or yank him.

The game is hanging in the balance. Your starter looks a little shaken, but you've seen him finish in worse condition. The crowd is worried, and will back your decision initially, unless it turns out disastrously. Is it a gut decision? Should it be? What will Manager Bush do? We've heard about his baseball management skills, and they don't give us confidence.

I was struck by how off-limits was a discussion of exit strategy just a few months ago. Talking about exit strategies would automatically get you labeled a commy-lovin'-traitor.

My, how times change...

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