Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Council on Foreign Relations


President Bush will deliver the second in a series of four speeches on his Iraq strategy tomorrow in Washington to several hundred members of the Council on Foreign Relations -- an august group of scholars, policymakers and journalists whose Web site is an Internet hotspot for intellectual foment about foreign policy in general and Iraq in particular.

On this blog we talk a lot about 'elites'. CFR fits the description of 'elites'. They are going to do what is in their own best interests, not that of the average American citizen.

In this particular case, they're watching the world go to hell in a handbasket, but they don't need to be concerned where they're sitting - they're all rich and/or powerful. They'll welcome Bush, despite the fact that he won't even be held to answer some questions. These 'dignified' CFR folks will be lectured by George W. Bush on the Iraq War and Freedom for 50 minutes. Can someone explain to me how this lecturing to a bunch of people who can actually read and write qualifies those people as 'dignified'?

There are CFR folks on the left, and CFR folks on the right, but neither of them will every step out of line very far. That's how you lose your paycheck.

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