Friday, December 16, 2005

Opportunity Knocking ... (But You Can’t Come In)

I'd be lying if I said I understood what the Greens got their undies all twisted up for, but the general push of this article seems to go with what I've sensed - the Green Party is working overtime to turn would-be supporters away:

Theoretically, the San Francisco Green Party should be in a great position. San Francisco has been pretty much a one-party town, run by the Democratic Party. When it comes to supporting major commercial landlords or downtown interests over public interests, pushing redevelopment in Bayview Hunters Point over the welfare of the people who live there, or protecting PG&E’s (gas and electric public utility) interests, it’s been the tops of the Democratic Party that have ensured big business’ interests were taken care of. No one can blame that on the Republican Party–they haven’t had control of San Francisco in decades.

So, an article basically pimping the GDI. It's very disappointing to read all this stuff. Sounds like a bunch of twisted-ass people are running the Green Party.

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