Friday, December 09, 2005

Feminist Hypocrisy 101

PTDR pointed us to The Weblog Awards 2005. One of the listed blogs is called Seven Inches of Sense. I'm not too much into the raunch scene, and Seven Inches certainly includes some of that, but I ran across one post that was interesting - from the summer of 2004 - called 'Feminist Hypocrisy 101':

This brings me to another issue. I personally find the term feminism offensive. Anything that the term may have originally stood for has been bastardized. It is no longer even remotely symbolic of unity or equality. For quite some time I was involved in the 'feminist' movement in San Francisco; until I figured out what was going on. The word feminism has been commandeered by a rather large group of egocentric women. By attaching the word feminist to their comments and actions, they are given a free pass by society to behave any way they please. But I say enough is enough.

Mind you - I didn't go looking for this stuff - it was just there. Granted, Feminism is certainly one of the words that catches my eye when I see it, but this notion that the word 'Feminism' is bad is very popular. In this particular case, the writer is a straight female.

The Green Party needs to drop the Ten Key Values - and 'Feminism' - and adopt the Six Principles of the Global Greens.

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