Thursday, December 08, 2005

Matthew Good Band / Blog

Well, the band is apparently dissolved, but Matthew Good has a blog called MBlog. Don't know much about it, but his music kicked aaaaaaaaaaass, so hopefully his blog does, too.

Favorite lyric:

and I've become spectacular

Wish I got to see those guys live. Shit.

(hat tip: PTDR)

UPDATE: Someone over at is a total asshole. There was a spat about someone posting an off-topic message to a thread on Syriana - the movie. So, someone called 'Matthew Good' deletes the user's posts and then describes how the 'rules for posting' are located on 'the sign-up page' (Comment #14), where everyone needs to sign up for an account before they are allowed to post comments.

I had just signed up for an account, and posted a comment, and never saw any rules. I dropped a good-natured email, started 'Suggestion:', to the site explaining that everyone should be forced to see the rules and sign off on them before being allowed to sign up for an account. Doing this, I explained, might decrease the amount of decent people on the site who make the honest mistake of posting off-topic, and one would think decreasing off-topic posts would be a good thing, right? I finished my email (from a web form on the site) with a '$0.02' to say, "hey - I don't know the whole deal, this is just a suggestion" - just to make sure I didn't come off like a know-it-all. Certainly, I hadn't seen any rules, and if I wasn't a blogger myself with heavy internet experience, I could have easily made the same mistake another newbie could have made - posting off-topic.

So, what do I get in my email Inbox the next morning? A dickish response from presumably the site's administrator explaining to me that "I haven't had much experience with this". I immediately thought, "What a fuckin asshole."

As it turns out, I have had experience with getting at least implied death threats (not necessarily "I am going to kill you", but more like "you need to be killed and shot and stabbed and..." and other horrible comments, but not en masse - just a crazy once in a while. Then again, I try not to be deliberately dickish to people.

So, we write more letters - I kept it a little cooler than my more-honest reaction here. I don't publish emails from people without their permission/request, so we'll have to wait for jerky to request his/her response to get the full picture:

you're a total jerk. i can't believe you're that self-important.

"Music and Blog Fame Goes to Singer's Head - News at 11..."

in a very good-natured way, i try to help you reduce the amount of off-topic posts you get and you throw a "you haven't had much experience with this" in my face? you're not so special as you might think. what is it with Canadians thinking they're the only persecuted people on the planet? i thought Americans were the ones suffering from exceptionalism.

listen, if you don't want to blog - don't blog. just don't come crying to me when you get death threats. it's part of the biz. raping your wife? maybe you shouldn't make pics of her so available from your blog? ever think, just for a minute, that you were _inviting_ the crazies?

good luck, jerky.

No idea who the site admin is - I assume is was Matthew Good, but whoever it was, a jerk. No doubt.

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