Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Eagles Hammered 42 - 0

The Seahawks handed the Eagles their aaaaaasses. And I couldn't be happier.

First they treated Deuce like sh*t.

Now they're treating T.O. like sh*t.

And they've always treated and will continue to treat their fans like sh*t.

Because Eagles ownership/management doesn't give a rat's ass about Eagles fans, they're going to sit T.O., and release him just before March, when T.O. would receive his $5 million bonus. That's all well and good for Eagles ownership - they get to show a black football player who's still the boss, but what about the fans? What do they get for all of their efforts, their loyalty, their dollar bills?

Maybe Reid's tri-role as coach/manager/god of the Eagles is the problem?

And if Reid were just the coach, maybe the Terrell Owens saga would not have gotten as bad as it did.

Owens' beef was with the Eagles' management. But since the head coach is also management, it made it virtually impossible for the situation not to spill onto the practice and playing field.

And considering the cutthroat nature of the salary cap, you have to wonder how much distrust of Reid there is because he's ultimately going to side with management.

In a year when the Birds needed their coach to take them to another level, Reid might have been hamstrung by his responsibilities as general manager.

And (black person) J. Whyatt Mondesire has some harsh words for McNabb:

Your record is another matter entirely. In fact this whole dismal season so far has really been a testament of fallen dreams and lost opportunities most of which belongs at your feet (or should I say hands) and that of your coach, Andy Reid who has allowed you to perpetuate a fraud on the field while hiding behind excuses dripping in make-believe racial stereotypes.

Now, in my defense of T.O., I'm not about tearing some people (McNabb) down just to build other people (T.O.) up - but McNabb certainly does deserve some criticism in the whole T.O. debacle. To sit around and cry just because one of your teammates is talking trash about you? That's not for me. I'm not saying I could have or even would have handled it any better, but what I am saying is this - stick up for the underdog - always. And McNabb didn't stick up for T.O. Instead, he piped up and let the disaster unfold. He's not innocent in all of this. No way.

As for Mondesire's 'make-believe racial stereotypes' criticism - sounds harsh, but let's see what the response is gonna be, since Mondeci is no Limbaugh.

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