Monday, December 05, 2005

U.S. to Invade Canada?

Just saying, finding out things like this worries me:

Although Canada is already the biggest supplier of oil and natural gas to the United States, these new unconventional sources in Alberta mean that dull old Canada now has the world's second-biggest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia.

And Quebec always talking about secession - funny. I really think they don't realize how quickly we'd (the United States) dominate them economically. We'd make most of the population there paupers in a matter of five years. But, sometimes people deserve what they ask for.

Here's the kicker to me - this article makes it clear that Canada is stupendously rich in natural resources. That can not be a comfortable position for a virtually military-less country to be in, in an age of growing desperation about access to natural resources. I mean, Middle Eastern oil was the prize of the 20th century - fully, and finally, acquired by the U.S. at the break of the 21st century - in 2003. But Canada may hold the prize of the 21st century - every other resource that is not oil.

Man, if you think about it too much, your head explodes with the horrific scenes of terror that the world will face this century, in the fight over natural resources. And if those lefties over at the Pentagon are right about global warming, wow - if you think there's too much violence in the world right now, then get ready, cause you ain't seen nothing yet.

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