Friday, December 09, 2005

World Cup Draw - 2006

It's time. It should start around 11.15 pm Left Coast Time (California, US) by my account (20.15 GMT). Things aren't supposed to get going until an hour or two later. I have no idea what networks might be carrying it. Good luck.

UPDATE: The results are in - looks like a tough draw for the U.S., but no matter - let's play.

The fix was in, apparently, with Mexico getting a seed, but the U.S. not. There was no reason, really, to give a seed to Mexico - the U.S. regularly beats them now, but there was every reason in the world to deny the U.S. a seed - that is, the U.S. Mens National Soccer Team is paying for George W. Bush's war crimes.

When these players - many of them still kids - hit the pitch this summer, all politics should be left at home. The U.S. players should not be spit upon because of George W. Bush's actions. So, if you're the kind of asshole who thinks that the Iranian team should be banned from the Cup because of what Iranian politicians are doing, go #&*@ yourself. If we removed all the teams of countries whose leaders who have recently committed 'the supreme international crime', or countries whose leaders are currently engaged in committing war crimes, or countries whose leaders said something deemed inappropriate by some other countries, we wouldn't have any teams left to play. When assholes want to mix up soccer and politics, bad things happen.


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