Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Day in the Empire

A damn good blog. Add it to your 'every day must read' list. Good stuff.

UPDATE: I read a few more posts of this dude's and it's all crap. First, let's start with a post that I knew about but thought the author would correct once I alerted him to the fact that the information he was relying on for his critique was known to be bad:

However, after reading Emma Brockes interview with Chomsky (published in the Guardian), my disenchantment with “the world’s top public intellectual” (according to Prospect magazine) has increased exponentially.

The Guardian apologized to Chomsky for (we believe, deliberately) misrepresenting his views, and they withdrew the article from their website (as you can see first-hand if you click on the link in the quoted text from the post, above). So, any critique of Chomsky based on the false and misleading information in that interview should be withdrawn, too - obviously. Our letter to the author of the blog, 'Another Day in the Empire', Kurt Nimmo, has gone unanswered (we found his email address from the internet, the paypal link, something).

We next found another post on Nimmo's blog criticizing Chomsky (not sure how/why we stumbled upon it), and we took a close look at it. I mean, the dude criticizes Chomsky for being 'disingenuous' like 'Nancy Pelosi'. WTF? I mean, this dude sounded like a more sane version of Justin Raimondo when I first started reading his stuff, but apparently not. Check out some of this post: not surprising, nor are other insights into the disingenuous behavior of Nancy Pelosi, Noam Chomsky, Barbra Streisand, Ralph Nader, and other so-called liberals and Democrats.

Pelosi and Chomsky? This dude is either smokin the crack, or he's just being dishonest. Chomsky may or may not detest Pelosi, specifically - who knows what he thinks about her - but his views on Democrats as 'a business party' (meaning, anti-'regular people') make it difficult to believe he's a big Pelosi fan. He consistently rallies for regular working-class people and against elites like Pelosi. Is that what makes Chomsky 'disingenuous' like Pelosi? That he rails on people like her?

And Chomsky's descriptions of 'liberals' as relatively 'statist' are hardly compliments - considering that Chomsky is an anarchist - an 'anti-statist', if you will. Does bashing statist liberals make one disingenuous?

This blog even parrots the now-discredited right-wing smear about Michael Moore owning Halliburton stock. Pathetic.

People can say what they want to say and criticize who they want to criticize - even Chomsky, even Moore, whatever - but they should be honest about it. The whole right-wing/lying/smearing thing is not good for our society. People deserve the truth. And reading 'Another Day in the Empire' will not give them access to it.

Unfortunate, but true.

UPDATE: We've since gone back to reading Another Day in the Empire. Yes, it lied and mispresented and all that, but we think more of it was due to laziness, bad sourcing, and stupidity than intentional mendacity (lying). Unfortunately, Another Day in the Empire is one of the very few blogs on the net that we've found with relatively decent writing, and semi-independent thinking. There's just not enough folks out there willing to say what their neighbors aren't comfortable hearing - Nimmo does at least that much, and that's valuable. Kind of like Drudge - lots of mendacity and bad information, but at least he puts it out there.

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