Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Michael Morales Scheduled to Be Executed on February 21st

Austria is putting in jail for saying something they don't agree with, and America is just killing people. What the fuck?

I don't know or care what Michael Morales did, nor do I know or care if he is remorseful or not - the state should never execute a man, period.

Brightpath Video is supposed to be streaming the event, which could be helpful to the cause, but I suspect Arnold won't stop it. It could hurt him amongst racist white voters - which is all he's got.

All I can think of is something I heard Sy Hersh say: Civil breach. Basically, U.S. citizens are fed up and one of these days are going to 'take it to the streets'. The U.S. government will temporarily lose its ability to control us, and it won't be just in the inner-city streets - it'll be in downtown New York City, downtown Atlanta, downtown Chicago and Kansas City, and other places.

UPDATE: Holy shit - execution delayed. Maybe Arnold's folks suspected the same thing I did.

UPDATE: From the Drudgery, execution delayed indefinitely.

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