Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Haiti Reborn

Haiti Reborn. Finally was able to track down some organizations that are trying to help the U.S. from smashing Haiti once again. From their home page:

30 Organizations and 80 Individuals Send Letter to World Bank

On August 30, 2005 thirty organizations and eighty individuals sent a letter to Paul Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank, to decry an article published on the World Bank’s website. The letter accuses the World Bank of misleading readers about the current situation in Haiti and the impact of World Bank policies.

The World Bank article, titled “Haiti: One Year Later”, was posted on July 27 under the banner “Haiti’s Recovery, A Year of Progress”, and beginning with the teaser “New schools, roads and jobs are among the chief achievements of the Interim Cooperation Framework.”

The sign-on letter denounces this misrepresentation and provides an alternative analysis by citing reports of various human rights violations committed by the Haitian National Police, the deteriorating economic situation, the politically motivated detentions by the state as well as the massive deficiencies in the electoral process, among others.

The letter denounces, “The World Bank's whitewash of Haiti’s dire situation ,” and calls “upon the World Bank to cease taking sides in Haiti's civil conflict, and to conduct an independent investigation into its own role in helping to destabilize the prior elected, constitutional government.”

The open letter was signed by such organizations as The Robert F.Kennedy Memorial for Human Rights, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti and Global Exchange along with such individuals as Noam Chomsky and Paul Farmer.

View the letter in English or French (Kreyol translation forthcoming).

Whitewash? Wolfowitz? Who'd a thunk it?

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