Friday, February 03, 2006

When Dems Attack Dems Who Attack Dems

I hope this seals it - I hope Cindy runs against Feinstein - and I hope she runs as a Green.

John Carroll didn't make a whole lot of sense in his broadside against Cindy Sheehan, but we'll dissect just one part:

What's Cindy Sheehan doing with Hugo Chavez? Yeah, she's a citizen, she can be where she likes, but whatever she does right now is real public. This just in: Hugo Chavez is not a nice guy. It's like the whole Fidel Castro thing: You may be bitterly opposed to American policies toward Cuba -- and I am -- but it's not because Castro is a saintly martyr. Chavez also played kissy-face with Saddam Hussein. So did Donald Rumsfeld, but that doesn't make it right.

Here's a little rule for citizens of the United States: Don't get involved in South American politics. You are out of your depth.

Now Cindy Sheehan is talking about running for senator against Dianne Feinstein. That is such a bad idea. She'd be doing it to bring attention to issues that matter, a lot like Ralph Nader. Ralph Nader ran for president in 2000, split the vote and gave us George Bush, and that's the issue I remember. Also: Never ride in a Corvair.

This entire article is really like the text above - just straight-up whining. How dare Cindy? Doesn't she know her place? I'm gonna cry if she doesn't stop hanging out with people who don't like George Bush!

Carroll gets letters!

Person 'x' met with Saddam, Person 'y' met with Saddam - it's ok if you meet with person 'x', but not ok if you meet with person 'y'. what?

What is sickening to me is not even that this dude is attacking Cindy Sheehan - of all people - it is that he is attacking a regular citizen who has the audacity to stand up for herself and her community to do what she thinks is right. For that, Mr. Carroll believes she should be condemned.

Well, bullocks on that Mr. Carroll. Bullocks on your entire sorry critique. If Mr. Carroll spent more time defending regular citizens, instead of helping to guard the privileges of the wealthy elite, perhaps we would have a better country already.

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