Sunday, February 19, 2006


Drudgery points us (careful - Breitbart is some news service put together by a Republican operative dude who runs the Drudge website, so not sure what the quality is yet) to an indy flick called 'Grbavica' - a Bosnian rape drama, that won some top prize at the Berlin Film Festival, which is a pretty big deal in Europe, apparently.

Much I've read recently, from Chomsky and folks at, suggests that Clinton's war(s) were not for humanitarian purposes at all, but to prove American military strength through NATO, and other nefarious purposes. One problem I have with this is that Chris Hedges, someone whose work I respect tremendously, has stated that he was glad that Clinton bombed Sarajevo. Hedges was there, and he's anti-war, but he still wanted the bombing to happen - I think because he was witnessing all sorts of atrocities on the ground. That counts for a lot to me, so I need to figure out what happened during the Clinton years, besides Monicagate.

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