Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bush To Shut Down Kennedy Center?

You never know: (my links added)

American Ballet Theatre opened its engagement at the Kennedy Center Opera House on Tuesday night with a rewarding repertory program of unusual depth, and something rarer still: a political statement. Or at least that's how it seemed, with current events conspiring to sharpen the edge. As President Bush was delivering his State of the Union address just a few miles away, the dance company was capping its evening with an antiwar ballet.

If Kurt Jooss's 'The Green Table' does not pack the punch that it did in the 1930s, when it launched its creator to international fame, it remains a work of dark power and moral force. It ranks among the most famous antiwar works in any art form, though it hasn't been seen much lately. Created by the German-born choreographer in 1932, it skewers the bureaucrats whose decisions send men off to die. Its subject is not only death -- though that figure dominates the work -- but the political power that brings it on and escapes its consequences.

I might be able to make it through that single antiwar ballet piece. It definitely sounds interesting.

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