Saturday, February 04, 2006

Iran and Operation Ajax

Given all that I think I know about the U.S. government, and governments in general, do I have any idea how this 'Iran is trying to defend themselves therefore we have to bomb them' thing is going to play out? Yes. I predict it'll go something like this:

First, the corrupt UN security council will pass some resolution condemning Iran - it'll use forceful language, but will stop short of authorizing the use of force against Iran. The resolution will allow U.S. government officials the leeway they need to really up the rhetoric level. Iraq will be totally off the radar by this summer. Once the U.S. propaganda campaign has taken its toll on the American people, with a slim majority believing that Iran is the next great threat to the U.S. and needs to be bombed, Bush's folks, with Cheney giving the orders, will manage to get the oil control they want from the Iranian government - then U.S. will not bomb Iran, and the severity of the Iranian 'threat' will slowly diminish, albeit temporarily. Bush will make his way through the slow summer, clear of impeachment proceedings, and then he'll again ramp up the anti-Iran rhetoric. The immediate future, within two to three months, will see the corporate media in the U.S. talking about the evil Iran. The Pentagon will begin leaking possible attack plans to select newspapers. The entire time that the U.S. is waging its very public anti-Iran propaganda campaign, it will coverty be carrying out the other part of its campaign to take control of Iran - to form what Chomsky calls a 'client state'. The CIA and USAID and IRI and various other terrorist and terrorist-aiding organizations, funded directly or indirectly by the United States government, will continue working furiously behind the scenes to destabilize the Iranian government, in the hopes of either overthrowing it outright, of getting a very pro-U.S. president to replace the current Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - who does not take orders well enough, or there's always the outside chance that the Mr. Ahmadinejad will succumb to the U.S. and start taking orders from Mr. Bush. The U.S. government will continue to funnel money into opposition and terrorist groups within Iran. For promises of more control of Iran's oil resources, Bush will agree to tone down the anti-Iran propaganda campaign - temporarily. This will go on until Bush leaves office in a couple of years.

There it is - that's my prediction of what will happen. I'm not overly confident in it, only because there is at least one other plausible scenario - the U.S. may indeed bomb Iran, or maybe Israel will do it. What can one say to the folks in the U.S. who don't think it is possible that the U.S. will bomb Iran? 'Wake up'.

I think it was a grave mistake for Iran to allow the inspectors in at all, but maybe the inspectors were already there. That showed a sign of weakness. It's probably not good to show weakness to the U.S. government if you can at all help it. In this case, it probably won't make a difference - the criminal Bush Administration won't stop until they get what they want, regardless of what Iran does in terms of complying with an inspections regime.

So far, I think Iran has had a good strategy, overall, in dealing with the U.S. They just continue to play brinksmanship with the U.S. The problem is, it's tough to play brinksmanship with a country that has shown its willingness to use the atomic bomb on a civilian population.

No discussion of Iran should ever take place without mentioning Operation Ajax.

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