Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Haiti Exit Polls - Nonexistent?

Before the most-recent Palestinian elections were over, we had several dozen exit polls articles in newspapers around the world proclaiming that Fatah, not Hamas, was the big winner.

Today, Haiti went to the polls, and we haven't heard anything about exit polls. Not a single article regarding exit polls from Haiti. I mean, WTF is going on?

On a side note, the OAS has been asked to investigate Bush's overthrow of the last duly-elected Haiti government.

UPDATE: The CIA and related parties are stealing the election in Haiti. Their guy didn't win. We have to see what we can do to stop them. But what?

UPDATE: That explains why there were no exit polls. When the U.S. guy doesn't win, the U.S. public doesn't get to know about it.

UPDATE: How do we get footage from this station?

Local Telemax TV news Tuesday night showed smashed white ballot boxes in a garbage dump, with wads of ballots strewn about. Ballot after ballot was marked for Preval.

UPDATE: The WaPo says local Haiti news reports (from Telemax TV?) showed Preval ballots dumped and burned in up to three locations:

Preval supporters were furious late Tuesday, and said their fraud allegations had been proved when a local television station in Port-au-Prince repeatedly broadcast footage of ballots with Preval's name checked that were found discarded and, in some cases, partially burned at a dump in Port-au-Prince and two other locations.

Indybay is on it. Who knew Indybay existed? I was going to

Charlotte observer says Preval win would be 'stunning defeat' for political elite of Haiti. That is apparently why he can't be allowed to win.

Cuba accuses U.S. of tampering.

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs says that the U.S. governs Haiti:

Larry Birns, a longtime critic of what he believes is U.S. interference to impose free-market economic policies in Haiti, said the administration was signaling Preval would have to toe the American line or struggle to win aid.

"The final arbiter of Haiti's domestic policy is the U.S. ambassador because he has the ability to block international funds," said the director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs think tank.

This same article says the Congressional Black Caucus actually stands for democracy, as opposed to the Bush Administration. Looks like they're the folks to contact.

UPDATE: Dropped Corrine Brown a quick note:

Please stop Bush from stealing Haiti again!!!

Let us know how we can help!

Please speak up!

Thank you!

UPDATE: Headlines:

Preval won 63% of the vote...

No reliable exit polls conducted...

Preval won 52-54% of the vote...

Preval got 55% of the vote...

Pacifica Radio reports Preval got 63% of the vote...

Why the fuck is the Guardian printing what Preval's campaign manager thinks Preval got at the polls?

Christian Science Monistor fails to mention U.S. interference in Haiti elections...

At least one of the nine members of Haiti's electoral council says election marred by fraud...

One more council member says things looking shady...

UN opens fire on protesters...

UPDATE: Contacted my rep:

Please speak out against Bush on Haiti. Tell Bush to get out of Haiti!

There's gotta be a better way than this...

UPDATE: Preval to be declared winner? Looks like Bush got what he wanted out of Preval. We can't be sure what it is until we see the decision that Bush has Preval make. Haiti's in a bad way. Real bad. Those people will continue to suffer badly. And this LA Times article suggests that declaring Preval the winner may actually help defuse the protests. You think? Fuckin numbskulls. What the fuck do you think they were protesting for, you fuckin fucks?!

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