Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Atheist Rant

PTDR pointed me here, for a rundown on what one guy thinks about atheists being generally accepting of religions. He thinks this acceptance ends up putting atheism on the same plane as any other religion or cult.

I don't agree, but I always find it refreshing to read this kind of material. Even people like me, who consider themselves to be morally brave, or at least less morally cowardly than the average person, are still apprehensive (scared) about calling people out on their bullshit - especially when it comes to religion. Some of us like to think we have good reasons, and maybe some of us do (compassion?), but atheist voices need to be heard now more than ever. The religio-fanatics are taking over, but it won't be as easy for them if we get people to start questioning their faith. That requires atheist voices be heard.

The understated anger expressed by this author is a good answer to the thousands of preachers around the world who soak up television time and peoples' money every day and tell us all that we're doomed to hell (or its equivalent) if we don't 'believe' - that is, if we don't send them our money. I usually don't feel it necessary to slam believers like this, but I have sure felt like doing it on occasion:

But religions--all religions--are false, while atheism is true. Are we to constellate atheism with 1000 ridiculous and mutually contradictory cults and sects, as if truth were just the newest kind of falsity? Am I to acknowledge seriously that you have a reasonable choice of believing or disbelieving the account of the flood in the Book of Genesis? There is no reasonable choice. It simply didn't happen. Am I to concede that perhaps, by an act of faith, you can move mountains? Just do it or shut up! No one can move mountains by an act of faith, nor am I asking for a sign by challenging anyone to do it. No one can do it, there is no such faith, I know it, and I don't seek a sign, because there is no sign.


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