Monday, July 11, 2005

Bush to America: Fuck Off


"I'm well aware, like you, of what was previously said," McClellan said. "And I will be glad to talk about it at the appropriate time." He said the appropriate time would be when the investigation is completed.

In other words - 'Fuck off'. He says he's well aware of what was said - i.e. "I'm well aware that I've been lying to you for the past two years, fuckers - now eat shit, and die."

These guys will lie all day, but their media supporters and voting supporters don't seem to care. What do you do when that happens? Obviously mainstream Republican voters think that this type of representation is what they want and deserve. Or maybe they just can't stand the thought of having a lying liberal in there. Whatever the case, you'd think that Rethug voters would at least tell Bush to stop lying to them. Wouldn't you?

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