Monday, July 18, 2005

Judy, Judy, Judy

Let's hope the bitch gets some sense:

Still, Miller's not on vacation, and she may find, as others have before her, that time in prison changes one's priorities. In 1993, for instance, Sol Wachtler, the former chief judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, spent 11 months in a federal jail for harassing his onetime mistress. Wachtler, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ultimately wrote a book contrasting the cavalier assumptions judges make about prisons with the harsh and degrading reality of strip searches and solitary confinement. Since his release, Wachtler has been a powerful advocate for prisoners and the mentally ill."

This guy Sol Wachtler sounds like a true scumbag. Not just because he's a Republican, and not just because he's a criminal, but because it seems like he enjoyed being cruel and inhumane for so long, and for no good reason - he was just an evil motherfucker.

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