Monday, July 11, 2005

LAPD: Baby Killers

Listen - defend yourselves? Sure. But cap a 17-month old girl because you don't like the idea that you're going to be a little late for dinner? C'mon mf's.

Why was it so urgent that the LAPD force the issue on this father, who was intoxicated, distraught, mentally ill (according to the wife and now-dead baby's mother)? Why mf's? Why?

You wanna cap the Latino dude talkin shit? Fine. Go for it. Wouldn't be the first time you capped someone, and in this case, it even appears that you might have had sufficient cause to cap this dude. But the baby girl? The mother's pleading with you not to fire on the dude because she loves her baby girl to death and will die if the baby girl is injured or killed, and you still fire a hail of automatic and semi-automatic weapons at a dude holding a baby girl and using her as a shield?! What kind of sadomasochistic, evil ass bitches are you?

You had a SWAT team. You had lot of guns. You had lots of backup. Presumably you had a hostage negotiator. Presumably the dude's drunkenness would have worn off eventually - unless all you Hollywood LAPD bitches are all scientologists and don't believe in the sound science behind earthly intoxication. That's what they do with drunks, don't they? They put them in a holding cell for the night and release them the next morning when they sober up? Does that sound fucking familiar, assholes, or is this the new rocket science of the corrupt-ass, gangster LAPD?

Fuckin loser mf's...

And no, I'm not impressed that some loopy LAPD officer is gonna be on tv in a couple of days giving some teary-eyed bullshit explanation for why he blew this little girl's head off. It's not enough to be sorry, bitches!

And yes, we'll wait for the investigation to tell us who actually killed the girl - LAPD or LAPD SWAT. You bitches should be jailed!

UPDATE: Let's add other 'current greatest hits' by the LAPD:

* The B.I.G. civil trial - of at least two rogue-ass cops, now in jail. The city has to pay all the legal fees of the plaintiffs for this mistrial because they were lying the whole fucking time to the city, the court, the jurors, the defense, the judge, everybody. BIG's moms is trying to link BIG's killing with the rogue-ass cops who flourished even more brilliantly during the Rampart Division Scandal of 1997. You mean you don't remember the story about the LAPD cops who framed some black dude on the street? They beat, shot, and then arrested him. When they shot him, they managed to paralyze him. You don't remember that? Well, well, read up, friends. True gangsters will tell you who they look up to when it comes to being ruthless - LAPD, Rampart Division. Those bitches are pure, unadulterated evil.

* Two other LAPD cops sleeping on the job, having sex with strippers, committing adultery, and all sorts of other assorted criminalities.

* 15-year LAPD veteran has been charged with blowing a 15-year old boy at least 10 times.

* Robber tunnels his way out of jail using a penny. It's like the Bad News Bears version of the Crips.

And that's just a couple of weeks worth of news clips, folks. Just a couple. And that's not even all of the couple of weeks worth of misconduct captured on the wires. This is systemic abuse of the law, folks. Time to break it up. From the top down, it's time to clean house.

Meanwhile, contact this Antonio Villaraigosa cat and tell him you want these LAPD gangster reigned in! Killing a three year 17-month old girl in cold blood. Fuckin shot her like a dog. Bastards. Someone needs to pay for that. Bigtime.

UPDATE: Villaraigosa gets letters:

Subject: Arrest those gangster LAPD cops!

Listen, the LAPD is out of control. Time to reign in those trigger-happy fools. We can't have these killers running loose on the streets thinking they can kill anyone they see just because they're gonna be late for dinner.

We're tired of this lawlessness. We have rules. Having a badge does *not* exempt you from obeying the rules of society. The idea that these gangster cops had to force the issue upon this guy would be only absurd, if it wasn't offensive.

That little girl deserved more of a chance than the LAPD gave her. These cops wanted to be home in time for dinner. Maybe they had to go collect some drug money. Maybe they had to go have sex with a teenage boy. Maybe they had to go cheat on their wives and have sex with strippers and fall asleep at firing ranges. Maybe they had to rehearse their testimoney of lies for the next BIG trial.

But I'm thinking maybe it's time for some justice around here. Maybe our new mayor has some intestinal fortitude. But maybe not...

UPDATE: And, the LAPD gets a suggestion via their 'Suggestion Box' (I also copied their 'suggestions' email address):

* Stop killing 17-month old girls!
* Resign!
* Hang your heads in shame!
* Apologize profusely!
* Pay that woman $100,000 restitution!
* Beg God (or Xenu) for forgiveness!

UPDATE: Well, at least she probably didn't suffer - LAPD saw to that by putting a hole in her head.

Could any good come of the murder of a little girl? LAPD will start using software, at the command of the Justice Department, that will help track rogue cops. They best have some serious iPod-like data storage...

UPDATE: A San Diego Union Tribune writes this:

Meanwhile, the mother of the dead toddler, Lorena Lopez, is screaming to the Spanish-language press – and anyone else who will listen – that the police killed her baby, that authorities should have made her child's safety their top priority and that she wants justice. She even – surprise – has an attorney and plans to sue the police department.

Which means he gets letters like this:

Subject: baby killers....

If the cops weren't so scared of *something*, why
would their spokesman be running around LYING TO THE
PRESS AND PUBLIC, REPEATEDLY, by claiming that Mr.
Peña is a killer? Unless Mr. Peña has a rap sheet we
have not been told about, how can the press take that
statement lying down? It's outrageous by itself.

The spokesman is talking about condolences and whatnot
for the family of the injured officer. Is he serious?
Getting shot in the shoulder is something that needs
to be deeply considered with 'condolences' or whatever
other wacky, offensive terminology he's attempting to
use to equate the killing of a baby girl with the
shooting in the shoulder of a SWAT officer?

And you painting the mother as some sort of welfare
queen trying to get rich off the death of her baby
girl is disgusting. You should be ashamed of
yourself. The next time your baby daughter is killed
by an LAPD cop in a completely uncalled-for raid,
*then* you can let us know how much of a loyalist to
the LAPD you are.

UPDATE: LA Indymedia has some video footage of the first of what are sure to be many more demonstrations to come. LA's gonna ignite if the LAPD whitewashes too much of this crime...

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