Monday, July 25, 2005

Coach Paid Boy $25 to Injure Autistic Teammate

Story here.

UPDATE: Author who writes article seemingly defending the alleged criminal and the league manager gets letters:

Mr. Fuoco,

You write that Forsythe and crew were 'told that the alleged bribe was $5 and that Bowers was struck only in the head.' Who told them these things? Ms. Bowers? Or, Mr. Downs? Or someone else? Do you think we should just assume it to be some nonbiased, omniscient observer? It's obvious that not everyone agreed to what happened the day of the attacks - so, who said what?

You write that "other coaches in the league ... told board members the ball that struck Bowers' left ear had glanced off his glove". Is it true? Was every coach in the league watching this little kid tossing the ball on this particular day? At the same time? How many coaches? They all had the same story? Am I the only person to think that odd? What was the special occasion which had all these coaches eyewitness this injury?

You write the following:

"The state police complaint said there had been ongoing arguments between Jennifer Bowers and Downs about her son not getting sufficient playing time ... but Forsythe said he never heard that allegation until after the criminal charges were filed."

Forsythe says he never heard about the Bowers/Downs arguments about playing time until after the criminal charges. So? Is that in dispute? If it is, you failed to mention it.

It seems to me as if you are carrying water for Mr. Forsythe and Mr. Downs by casting aspersions upon Ms. Bowers' honesty by using misdirection and ambiguity. Was that your intention?

UPDATE: North Carolina paper knows what the punishment should be:

We think there's a compelling case for letting the public handle Mark Downs. He could be tied to a fence with a bucket of baseballs set about 30 feet away, and indignant Pennsylvanians could buy three throws for $1.

Of course, it could never happen. But if it could, we'd spring for the whole bucket - and hand it over to the Pittsburg Pirates' bullpen.

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