Saturday, July 02, 2005

The 'Genocide' Label and Domestic Politics

This story says that Bushco only declared Darfur a genocide because of 'domestic concerns' - not because it was the right or wrong thing to do.

The Bush administration described the Darfur atrocities as genocide in order to please the Christian right ahead of the American presidential elections, according to a senior US official.

America's former ambassador to the United Nations, John Danforth, made the admission in an interview in which he confirmed that the Bush administration's stance was dictated by domestic considerations.

While not surprised, I wonder if there's anything to be learned here. Ruthless killers like George W. Bush will not be easily swayed by any notion of decency, that much is clear.

But can we learn something about how to deal with genocides in the future, except maybe for the obvious? That is, try to position an Administration's support for genocide in such a way that the Administration's base supporters begin to feel guilty about it? During an election year? Got me...

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