Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bush Has Made World Safer

From official statistics (an increase in terror-related deaths last year of, oh...4,000% or whatever it is), we know Bush has radicalized the entire world, not just the Muslim world, but let's take a look at what our headlines look like when Bush really gets going.

This is just a snapshot of what I find at Google News, the 'World' link, at 12.47 am on July 13, 2005 (too lazy to link them):

* Police Identify 4 Bombers in London Blasts
* US Condemns Suicide Bombing in Israel, Urges Palestinian Crackdown
* Murr escapes deadly car bomb attack
* Man on Trial in Dutch Killing Says He'd Do 'Same Again'
* Four terror suspects escape in Afghanistan
* Bombs hit Spanish power plant after ETA warning
* Muslims face attacks, resentment after terror strike

These are all different stories representing six different terrorist strikes. The world is mad, of course, but when Bush runs things, the world is really mad...

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